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How Long Does Cosmetic Tattooing Last?

Many girls are afraid to resort to cosmetic tattoo, as they need to learn how long the tattoo lasts, how to care for him properly, whether it is necessary to use other decorative cosmetics and what the main advantages are.

Masters of permanent makeup studio Face Figurati have developed their line of pigments suitable for all appearance types. Now every girl can become the owner of flawless makeup. Unlike conventional cosmetics, the tattoo is not washed away by water. With proper care, timely correction and refreshment, permanent will please you for several years. Note that our masters are sparing to the epidermis. The result can permanently be corrected or completely removed. It’s a definite advantage over the outdated techniques of tattooing, which left traces on the skin for life.


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What is cosmetic eyebrow tattoo?

Girls choose tattooing as an effective and durable way of transformation, after which you can forget about decorative cosmetics for several years. The procedure is especially in demand during the beach season because the permanent is not washed off by water.

Tattooing is the introduction of dye into the upper layer of the skin with the help of microscopic needles. The master uses sterile tools, anesthetic ointments, and gels to make the procedure painless. Before the session, the artist selects the appropriate technique for cosmetic tattooing lips the, eyebrows or eyes, considering the appearance.


In our studio, you can have eyebrows tattooed in different techniques (powder spraying, hair technique “Hyperrealism”). Masters use tattoo machines with the help of which they carefully trace hairs in different directions. Light strokes of different intensities create maximum naturalness. It is possible to underline the refinement of lines and add saturation to the eyebrows with the help of a powder technique. The shaded pigment creates the shadow effect.

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How long does eyebrow tattoo last?

The duration of the effect depends on many factors: 

  • the peculiarities of the metabolism
  • correct care 
  • The frequency of correction

The first correction should always be done a month after the tattoo. It’s necessary to correct discrepancies and to make the colour uniform and dense. The durability of eyebrow tattooing also depends on the application technique, the specialist’s skill and the pigment’s quality.

The duration of the effect depends on the chosen technique of applying the dye. On average, the tattoo will last from 1.5 to 3 years. The period depends on many factors:

  • Metabolic rate;
  • the quality of the ink;
  • the colour of the pigment;
  • the depth of insertion;
  • the technique of tattooing;
  • the skill of the specialist.

In girls under 30, the ink is washed out faster than in older women. This is due to a faster metabolism. Young girls will have to do corrections more often.

eyebrow tattooing near me
eyebrow tattooing

Here are a few recommendations, following which you can significantly extend the effect of the tattoo:

  • Immediately after the procedure, avoid contact with water;
  • With the appearance of peeling, do not remove the crusts;
  • do not use any unique means for healing;
  • treat the eyebrows regularly with an antibacterial product;
  • Do not scratch or touch the skin with your hands;
  • do not use decorative cosmetics for two weeks after the procedure.

Make sure to have a correction done a month after the session. The master will correct the shape and colour, eliminate the gaps, and clear the eyebrow line.

How does the ombre brows come off?

To answer the question of how long the ombre brows lasts, knowing which components make up the pigment and which tattooing technique is suitable for your skin type is necessary. During the initial consultation, the master evaluates the condition of the eyebrows and selects the colour and design following the kind of appearance.

Correction for adult women should be done less often because of age features. The tattoo comes off faster for girls with an accelerated metabolism and skin with increased sebum secretion. At the age of 40, the metabolism slows down. The pigment comes out with the lymph in smaller quantities.

After the first tattoo and correction, the colour will fade in about a year. At this time, it is necessary to refresh – to refresh the colour. The procedure will not take much time, as the master will only add saturation to the shade.


cosmetic tattooing
cosmetic tattooing near me

Old generation pigments, which were used decades ago, went into unnatural shades over time. Modern copyright pigments from the permanent makeup studio Face Figurati Permanent Make Up provide permanent colouring. When the dye is eliminated from the body, it fades without turning into green, blue or red hues.

One month after the permanent makeup procedure, it is highly recommended that the masters make a correction. It is necessary in order to correct the shape and colour saturation. The fact is that during the healing and crust convergence, the appearance of gaps is inevitable. This has nothing to do with the skill of the specialist and does not mean that the master has made a mistake. Just after the first tattoo, it becomes clear how the skin reacts to the pigment and how quickly the lymph removes the extraneous substance.

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As a rule, 4 weeks after the tattoo, the dye appears uneven. In some places, the contour may need to be clearer. To correct these imperfections, the master makes a correction and fills the gaps with a new pigment.

Without correction, the tattoo will look unkempt, will begin to descend unevenly and in about a year, the effect will disappear completely. The speed of convergence of the pigment also affects:

  • the level of humidity;
  • sun exposure;
  • The depth of the introduction of paint;
  • The technique of tattooing.

Classic permanent lasts the longest, as the skin is evenly filled with one dense shade. Powder eyebrows give the effect of shadows. A light haze of dye disappears faster.


Preparation for the procedure and eyebrow care after tattooing

For the result to meet expectations, it is necessary to strictly follow the specialist’s recommendations. It is important to properly care for the skin after the procedure and prepare for it in advance. Preparation begins several weeks before the session. For example, to better retain the pigment, you should stop sunbathing already two weeks before the session. The day before the session, refrain from drinking alcohol. On the day of the procedure, do not drink coffee, as it tends to dilate blood vessels, and the dye may take root poorly.

The rehabilitation period after the procedure lasts a month, during which you will have to tolerate some restrictions:

In the first few days, avoid contact of the damaged skin with water;

Do not remove the crusts that have formed;

Treat the skin with chlorhexidine;

Do not sunbathe, go to the sauna or pool for a month.

How long does permanent eyebrow microblading last with timely correction and proper care? If the mentioned in the article articles are observed, the effect can last for years; the main thing is to observe all recommendations of the masters.

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Why does the eyebrow tattoo doesn’t stay long time: the reason

The longevity of the pigment depends on the shade, the quality of the pigment and the depth of its application. Masters try not to resort to the colour black because this tone can remain forever. Competent specialists use dark brown shades for brunettes. Such eyebrows turn out bright and saturated but, at the same time, look natural.


The main reasons why the dye fades quickly can include:


  • poor quality pigment;
  • Improperly selected tattooing technique;
  • too rapid metabolism;
  • Insufficient depth of the introduction of the pigment;
  • Improper care after the tattoo.

To find out how long permanent makeup lasts in this or that technique, ask the masters of Face Figurati Permanent Make-up studio. Our specialists will create the ideal eyebrows shape and tell you how to properly care for them.


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The professionalism of the cosmetic tattooist in Melbourne

How long the tattoo will last depends on this parameter, of course. Our studio employs only qualified specialists with years of experience. Our website presents detailed information on the advantages of each technique used by the masters. We will select for each girl a suitable option for tattooing.

If you’re looking for eyebrows tattoo near me in Melbourne, look no further than Face Figurati. We offer the best combination brows tattooing in the city, and our talented artists can help you achieve the perfect look for your face.

Pigment quality

Answering the question, it is necessary to mention the quality of the dye. Our masters work with author’s pigments from Olha Po. In-house-made colours have a lot of advantages:


The colours remain natural for the whole time and do not change into unwanted shades.

The composition includes safe, hypoallergenic substances that meet the requirements of HLTIN005 Melbourne Australia.

We are responsible for the quality of pigments and can always provide certificates of compliance with the quality system EAC and environmental safety requirements.

The rich palette of colours allows you to choose the most suitable colour for any girl.

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