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Darwin Croc Tours offers unique and exciting experiences with the chance to get up close and personal with the famous saltwater crocodiles in their natural habitat. Located in Darwin, Australia, this tour allows visitors to safely observe these amazing creatures as they jump out of the water to catch food from a safe distance. Led by experienced guides, you will learn about the ecology and biology of these fascinating animals and have the opportunity to take some amazing selfies with them.

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What is a Croc Tour

darwin crocodile tour

A croc tours darwin is an exciting adventure where you can experience the thrill of encountering some of nature’s most giant and potent reptiles. These majestic creatures have fascinated people for centuries with their prehistoric appearance and awe-inspiring presence. A  jumping crocs tour can take you on a journey through their natural habitats, where you can see them up close and view their behaviour and biology in their natural environment.

During a Croc Tour, you will embark on a specialised tour boat, taking you through a river or estuary where crocodiles reside. These tours are usually led by an experienced guide who can provide insights into the wildlife in the area and ensure your safety.

The tours are focused on providing the best opportunity for wildlife sightings and interactions, which may also include sightings of other notable Australian animals, such as birds and freshwater crocodiles. During some of these tours, you may even spot the infamous saltwater crocodile, the largest reptile species known to man.

It is important to note that participating in a jumping crocs tour requires a level of caution and a specific set of safety procedures to ensure a safe and memorable experience. The tour boats are constructed with protective seating and guidelines to follow while on board. Safety is the top priority for both visitors and tour operators.

Darwin is a popular destination for croc tours due to its proximity to several national parks and wildlife reserves, such as Adelaide River and Litchfield National Park. Darwin also has a range of accommodations, such as the Hilton Darwin, Smith Hotel, Travelodge Resort Darwin, and Darwin Freespirit Resort, all located within easy reach of marina boulevard.

Overall, a Croc Tour offers an unforgettable experience with magnificent creatures that have captivated the imagination of many. It’s an adventure that should be on every wildlife lover’s bucket list.

What to Expect on a Croc Tour in Darwin

croc tours darwin

A crocodile tours darwin is an exciting adventure that offers the chance to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most magnificent creatures. But what exactly can you expect on one of these tours? From the moment you book your best jumping crocodile tour darwin to when you leave the marina, there is plenty to look forward to.

Consider booking with a reputable operator when researching the best Croc tour. It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of the adventure, though it’s essential to ensure that the company you choose is fully licensed and insured. Also, check their safety record and compliance with national parks and wildlife permits.

Once you’ve booked your tour, it’s time to go to the marina boulevard. Most tour operators will offer a city pick-up or drop-off point depending on the travel time. It’s recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and sunscreen, as you’ll be spending most of your time in an open boat, likely under the Australian sun.

Upon arrival, you’ll meet your tour guide and fellow adventurers, and a safety briefing will be conducted detailing the protective seats and safety precautions to take while aboard. This is followed by the boat’s departure, which goes through a river or estuary where crocodiles reside.

During the tour, the guide will provide you with exciting information about the itinerary and the wildlife in the area, completing the experience with sightings of saltwater and freshwater crocodiles and various species of birds. You may also get a glimpse of prehistoric beasts that once roamed the lands of Australia.

It’s important to note that on this crocodile tour darwin respects the animals’ natural habits and does not feed or encourage crocodiles to interact with visitors. The experience is designed to provide an up-close view of these magnificent creatures without disturbing or endangering them.

Types of Croc Tours Available in Darwin

darwin croc tour

If you’re planning a trip to Darwin, Australia, one of the must-see attractions is the opportunity to see some of the world’s giant and most dangerous reptiles – crocodiles. Darwin and its surrounding areas offer a variety of croc jumping tours , each with unique features and experiences. Here are some of the types of croc tours available in Darwin:

  1. Crocodile Cruises: This tour takes you through estuaries or rivers where crocodiles reside in their natural habitat. You’ll see these magnificent creatures up close and personal while being led by informative and knowledgeable guides.
  2. National Park and Wildlife Tours: These tours take visitors through national parks and preservation areas, where they can witness crocodiles and other Australian wildlife species.
  3. Saltwater and Freshwater Crocodiles Tours: Darwin is home to saltwater and freshwater crocodiles, each with unique characteristics and lifestyles. Tours focusing on one crocodile type provide visitors with a more in-depth and tailored experience.
  4. Crocodile Biology Tours: A biology-focused tour is perfect for those interested in learning more about crocodiles. These tours detail the behaviour and biology of these prehistoric beasts, led by knowledgeable and experienced guides.
  5. Customized and Private Tours: Some tour operators offer customised and private tours that cater to specific interests, preferences, and schedules. These tours provide a more personalised and exclusive experience, often designed for smaller groups or families.

Overall, croc jumping tours darwin offers a unique and memorable experience for any wildlife enthusiast or adventure-seeker. With various options available, there is something for everyone to enjoy and discover on these tours.

Adelaide River Cruise

darwin croc tours

If you’re visiting Darwin, you must take advantage of the opportunity to take an Adelaide River Cruise. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most magnificent creatures – saltwater crocodiles.

Adelaide River is located just one hour south of Darwin, and it is home to one of the largest populations of crocodiles in the world. The river is nothing less than a sanctuary for these iconic creatures, and it’s the perfect place to see them in their natural habitat.

The Adelaide River Cruise takes you on a journey through the river’s tranquil waters as you observe these prehistoric beasts basking in the sun along the river banks. The adelai river croc tour is led by experienced guides passionate about sharing their knowledge of the crocodile’s habitat, biology, and behaviour with visitors.

As you cruise down the river, you’ll have the chance to spot countless crocodiles lurking beneath the water’s surface or lounging on the river banks. The guides ensure you’ll be completely safe with child-protective seats available for the little ones and comfortable walking shoes suggested for adults. You might even witness the infamous “jumping crocodiles,” where crocodiles jump out of the water to grab food from the guide’s hand.

Apart from crocodiles, the Adelaide River Cruise allows visitors to view other Australian wildlife species, such as birds, wallabies, and maybe even freshwater crocodiles. Guides make sure you’re informed about all the wildlife sightings and guarantee a memorable experience.

Saltwater Crocodile Cruises

jumping crocs tour

If you’re an animal enthusiast, a Saltwater Crocodile Cruise is undoubtedly a must-do experience. These magnificent creatures are some of the most impressive specimens you can find in nature, and a Saltwater Crocodile Cruise allows you to get up close and personal with these ancient beasts.

While a Saltwater Crocodile Cruise can be found in various locations around Australia, Darwin is a shady spot for this adventure. The area is home to some of the most giant crocodiles in the world, and the views of these prehistoric creatures on a cruise through their natural habitat are simply awe-inspiring.

The thrill factor is one of the best aspects of a Saltwater Crocodile Cruise. The sheer size and strength of the animals, coupled with their notorious reputation, create a sense of adventure that keeps visitors returning. During the cruise, you can observe crocodiles in their natural habitat as they bask in the sun or swim through the shallow waters. You might even witness a dramatic “attack” when a crocodile jumps from the water to grab food the guides offer.

For those who may have never encountered a crocodile before, the guides will walk you through all the basics of crocodile biology and the behaviour patterns you might observe on the cruise. They’re well-versed in the beasts’ ways and eager to share their knowledge with visitors. Aside from the crocodiles themselves, you’ll also have the chance to spot other Australian wildlife, such as birds and reptiles, adding to the overall experience.

Safety is critical in all wildlife encounters; the tour operators take this seriously. They’ll provide you with the necessary safety equipment, including a protective seat for children and a recommendation of wearing comfortable walking shoes for adults, ensuring that you’re secure while having the time of your life. It is also essential to check the time of travel, entry requirements, testing requirements, and entry restrictions before booking your Saltwater Crocodile Cruise to avoid unrecoverable costs.

Up-Close View of Prehistoric Creatures

jumping croc tours

Coming face-to-face with prehistoric creatures seems like something out of a movie for many people. However, you can expect this when taking a croc jumping tour darwin.

Darwin is home to some of the world’s most infamous crocodiles, including the saltwater crocodile, the largest reptile on Earth. These prehistoric beasts have been around for millions of years and are a true testament to the power and majesty of nature.

On a croc jumping tours darwin, you’ll have the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close and personal. One of the best ways to experience them is on a crocodile cruise, which will take you through the Adelaide River, where you can observe crocodiles in their natural habitat.

The crocodile cruise is designed to give visitors a comfortable and safe way to view the crocodiles, with protective seats and child protection measures in place. The tours are led by experienced guides who know the area well and are knowledgeable about crocodile biology and behaviour. This allows them to provide exciting and informative commentary throughout the tour.

In addition to seeing the saltwater crocodile, visitors to Darwin may also have the opportunity to see other species of reptiles and dangerous wildlife, as well as types of birds and other Australian wildlife sightings.

When planning your croc jumping tour, it’s essential to consider the time of travel and any entry restrictions or testing requirements that may be in place. Please also view ticket prices and any unrecoverable costs associated with your trip.

Ultimately, a croc jumping tours darwin offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to witness prehistoric creatures in their natural environment. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just looking for a unique and exciting experience, a Croc tour will surely be unforgettable. Just wear comfortable walking shoes and bring your sense of adventure with you!

Things to Consider Before Booking a Croc Tour in Darwin

If you’re planning a trip to Darwin and have heard about the famous croc tours, you may be eager to sign up for one. However, a few essential things must be considered before booking your excursion to ensure you have the best experience possible.

First and foremost, it’s vital to consider your safety and well-being. Crocodiles may be incredible creatures to observe but they are also dangerous and unpredictable animals. Choosing a reputable tour company that takes security seriously and has experienced guides who understand crocodile behaviour is essential.

Consider your physical abilities and any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate in a Croc tour. Some tours may involve walking or climbing, so comfortable shoes and proper attire are essential.

Next, it’s crucial to consider the booking time and any entry restrictions or testing requirements that may be in place. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, additional protocols may need to be followed, such as providing proof of a negative test or undergoing quarantine.

It’s also essential to consider the ticket price and any unrecoverable costs associated with your trip. Many tour companies have different options and packages, so research and compare prices to find the best value for your money.

Finally, think about the type of experience you want to have on your darwin jumping crocs tour. Some tours offer up-close views of crocodiles, while others focus more on wildlife interactions and sightings. Knowing what you’re looking for can help you choose the right tour company and package.


Time of Booking

 During the high season, typically from June to August, croc tours may be in high demand, and prices may be higher. If you have flexibility in your travel plans, consider booking during the shoulder season, from April to May or September to November, when prices may be lower, and crowds may be smaller.

In addition to considering the season, it’s essential to view any upcoming events or holidays that may affect availability and pricing. For example, Christmas and New Year’s can be a busy times for tourism in Darwin, and tours may fill up quickly, leading to higher prices.

Another consideration when it comes to the time of booking is any entry restrictions or testing requirements that may be in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some tours may require proof of a negative test or cannot adhere to social distancing measures.

Child Fare Prices and Protective Seats

Many croc tours offer special pricing for children, which can vary depending on the child’s age and the tour company. Some times may offer discounted child fares for kids under 12, while others may have lower rates for younger children. It’s essential to check with the tour company beforehand to see what their child pricing policy is and if any age restrictions apply.

Regarding safety, protective seats are a must for children on croc tours. Protective seats are designed to keep children safe in case of sudden movements on the boat, especially if the ship encounters rough waters or a giant wave. These seats are typically smaller, with safety straps or harnesses that securely fasten the child.

It’s important to note that some tours may have age or size restrictions for children using protective seats. For example, some terms may require children to be a certain height or weight to use the protective seats, while others may have a minimum age requirement. Check with the tour company about their protective seat policies before booking your tour.

Permits for Wildlife Watching

Permits for wildlife watching are aimed at controlling, protecting, and managing wildlife interactions with humans. Often, these permits are issued by the region’s national parks and wildlife authorities where the wildlife-watching activity occurs. The licenses may have different names depending on their country, state, or area. For example, a permitU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service license may be required in the United States for specific wildlife interactions.

What requires a permit will depend on various factors, including the animal species, location, and type of interaction. Some tickets may be required for taking photographs or collecting samples, while others may be needed for approaching animals or entering restricted areas. There may also be specific time restrictions on when and for how long permits are valid.

Permit processes can vary significantly based on location and the type of interaction being sought. Wildlife permits may take time to obtain and can come with specific fees. The permit application process may also require individuals or organisations to demonstrate the necessary knowledge and experience to interact safely with wildlife.

It’s essential to research individual permit requirements and processes before embarking on any wildlife-watching activity. In some instances, permits may not be available or unnecessary, and it’s still possible to have a rewarding experience. However, without the proper licenses, wildlife interactions can be dangerous, damaging ecosystems, and may lead to hefty fines or even legal action.

What to bring

jumping croc tour

When it comes to planning a crocodile jumping tour, there are several essential items that you should bring to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. Here are some things to consider packing before heading out on your tour:

  1. Comfortable walking shoes

Crocodile tours in Darwin generally involve walking along scenic routes and getting up close to several species of reptiles. To ensure you get all the benefits, it’s essential to wear comfortable walking shoes suitable for bushwalking and slippery terrain.

  1. Protective seat and child protective harness

While most crocodile tours offer a safe and controlled environment, it’s essential always to keep safety in mind. A protective seat and child protective harness are necessary to protect adults and children from accidents.

  1. Sun protection

Darwin’s tropical climate can be harsh on the skin. It’s important to bring sun protection gear like sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

  1. Camera

You don’t want to miss the chance to capture a perfect shot of a saltwater crocodile or any magnificent creatures you will surely meet on your tour.

  1. Snacks and water

Most croc tours provide drinking water, but preparing for the unexpected is always better. Pack snacks and additional water to keep yourself hydrated and fueled throughout the trip.

  1. Rain jacket

Darwin can experience sudden thunderstorms, so it’s essential to pack a rain jacket or poncho to stay dry and comfortable.

By packing the right gear, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable Croc tour experience in Darwin. Remember to check with your tour operator to see if they have any additional recommendations for what to bring to make your tour as enjoyable as possible.

Accommodation Nearby the Croc Tour Locations

One option for a luxurious stay is the Hilton Darwin, located on Mitchell Street in the city centre. The hotel offers stunning views of the Darwin Harbor and is just a short drive from the crocodile tours. The hotel also provides a range of amenities, including a fitness centre, on-site restaurant, and outdoor pool.

The Travelodge Resort Darwin is an excellent choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option. This hotel is in the city’s heart and offers easy access to the crocodile tours. It also features a swimming pool, free parking, and air-conditioned rooms.

Another option for budget-conscious travellers is the Darwin Freespirit Resort. This resort is located just a short drive from the city centre and offers a range of affordable accommodation options, including cabins and campsites. The resort also has a swimming pool, BBQ facilities, and a tour desk to help guests plan their crocodile tour and other activities in the area.

The Rydges Darwin Central is a top choice if you prefer to stay near the waterfront and marina. This hotel is on Smith Street, just a short walk from the Darwin Waterfront. It’s also a short drive from the crocodile tours and offers a range of amenities, including an outdoor pool, fitness centre, and free Wi-Fi.

No matter your budget or preference, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from that are conveniently located near the crocodile tours in Darwin. Book your accommodation beforehand to avoid any last-minute challenges and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay during your visit to Darwin.

Online Booking


The best time to book is during the dry season, typically from June to August, when crocodile activity is high. However, for lower prices and fewer crowds, consider the shoulder seasons of April to May or September to November.
Yes, there may be age and size restrictions for children, especially regarding the use of protective seats. It’s best to check with the tour company for specific policies regarding child fares and safety measures.
Essential items include comfortable walking shoes, sun protection (hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen), a camera, snacks and water, and a rain jacket for unexpected weather changes.

Yes, there are various accommodation options near croc tour locations, ranging from luxurious hotels like the Hilton Darwin to budget-friendly options such as the Travelodge Resort Darwin and Darwin Freespirit Resort.

Tour operators typically handle permits in order to comply with local wildlife and national park regulations. However, it’s always good to check with your tour operator about any specific permit requirements.
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