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Northern Territory Tour

The Northern Territory offers natural beauty and cultural experiences, including sunrises, waterfalls, and indigenous stories. Visitors can try local cuisine and enjoy the sunset while listening to the didgeridoo. It is a unique and profound part of Australia. Northern Territory tours in Australia’s Top End and Red Centre offer a chance to visit beautiful locations such as Kakadu National Park, Katherine Gorge, and Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park. These tours also provide an opportunity to learn about the rich history and culture of the First Nations people, as reflected in their ancient rock art. Northern Territory tours provide a comfortable way to experience the Australian outback. Visitors can enjoy watching the sunset behind the termite mounds of Litchfield National Park and try local Indigenous cuisine at an exclusive BBQ dinner. The tour also offers the only evening dining experience inside Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

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Popular destinations 


 Discover the enchanting city of Darwin, also known as Darwin/Gulumerrdgen, reigning as the proud capital of Australia’s north. The city has a rich history and is surrounded by natural attractions like Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks and Katherine Gorge. Darwin’s warm climate throughout the year makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, and its atmosphere is relaxed. It’s a great place to explore and experience the Top End of Australia.


Discover the vibrant heart of Australia’s northernmost region in Darwin/Gulumerrdgen, the capital city that’s as unique as it is beautiful. It offers a rich history and natural attractions such as Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks and Katherine Gorge. The city’s warm climate creates a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Visitors to the Darwin Waterfront can take in the stunning views of Darwin City, Darwin Harbour, and the iconic Darwin Surf Life Saving Club. Experience the breathtaking sunset views of Darwin Harbour aboard a Darwin Sunset Dinner Cruise, then take a trip back in time and immerse yourself in the history of Australia’s defense forces at the Darwin Military Museum.

  • Discover the breathtaking Kakadu National Park in Australia, where two distinct wildernesses collide: the hauntingly beautiful black soil flood plains and paperbark lagoons of the Alligator River System, and the rugged, awe-inspiring walls of the Arnhem Land escarpment, carved with intricate gorges, streaming rivers, and cascading waterfalls. The northern end of the park is home to a series of shallow lagoons and billabongs that attract numerous water birds.
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Kakadu National Park

Kakadu, a park in Australia, features diverse landscapes such as black soil flood plains, paperbark lagoons, and Arnhem Land escarpment with gorges, streams, and waterfalls. The northern end of the park has shallow lagoons and billabongs that attract many water birds. Experience the beauty of Kakadu National Park on a Yellow Water Cruise, one of the must-do tours when visiting the Northern Territory.

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  • The town of Katherine is located 310km south of Darwin/Gulumerrdgen along the Stuart Highway and is situated on the traditional lands of the Jawoyn, Dagoman, and Wardaman peoples. The Katherine Gorge National Park is also located here, where a clear river flows between towering, brilliantly colored walls, forming one of the most intriguing river canyons in Australia.


Katherine, situated on the traditional lands of the Jawoyn, Dagoman, and Wardaman peoples, is a town located 310km south of Darwin/Gulumerrdgen along the Stuart Highway. The town is home to the impressive Katherine Gorge National Park, where a clear river flows through towering, brilliantly colored walls to create one of Australia’s most captivating river canyons.


  • Litchfield National Park is located west of Batchelor in the Tabletop Range. The park features a large sandstone plateau covered in dry woodlands and forests. Springs near the escarpment create creeks that flow into rainforest valleys, resulting in year-round waterfalls.
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Litchfield National Park 

Venture into the wild heart of Australia’s Tabletop Range and discover the stunning Litchfield National Park/Purlugutj, where a breathtaking sandstone plateau is cloaked in a mesmerizing blend of dry woodlands and forests. Near the escarpment’s edge, springs flow into creeks that lead to rainforest valleys, creating year-round waterfalls.

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  • The Tiwi Islands are a must-see destination in Australia’s Northern Territory. The stunning Islands are home to the Tiwi People, a tribe of coastal island Aboriginals who are renowned for their infectious smiles that light up the entire community. A day tour will offer a glimpse into their unique culture and lifestyle, and show you sights that are rarely seen by outsiders. It’s an experience that will stay with you forever and leave you yearning for more.

Tiwi Islands 

The Tiwi Islands in Australia’s Northern Territory are a cultural attraction that offers insight into the lifestyle of the coastal island Aboriginal people known as the Tiwi People. A day tour provides a unique opportunity to view scenes seldom seen by outsiders and leave with a memorable experience.

  • Uluru, the majestic monolith also referred to as Ayers Rock, holds immense cultural and spiritual significance for the Indigenous Anangu community, making it an unmissable destination for any curious traveler. Behold, this is not just any rock – it’s a colossal formation of arkose sandstone that dates back an unbelievable 600 million years! Uluru is a monolith and a renowned rock formation. Its English name was given by Sir Henry Ayers, the Governor of South Australia. The surrounding land is rich in Aboriginal culture, waiting to be explored on a Northern Territory tour.
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Uluru (Ayers Rock) 

Uluru, the majestic sandstone monolith famously known as Ayers Rock, holds immense cultural and spiritual significance for the Indigenous Anangu people who call it home. It is a massive bed of arkose sandstone, formed over 600 million years ago in an inland sea. Uluru is a monolith and a well-known rock formation. Its English name was given by Sir Henry Ayers, the former Governor of South Australia. The Northern Territory tour offers the opportunity to explore the rich Aboriginal culture that has been present around Uluru for thousands of years.

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  • Kings Canyon, located 100km southwest of Alice Springs, offers a breathtaking view of the “Lost City” and the “Garden of Eden,” which is a valley filled with ancient cycad palms surrounding permanent waterholes. Visitors can climb to the rim of the canyon to enjoy the view.

Kings Canyon 

Experience the wonder and beauty of Kings Canyon/Wattarka, a breathtaking gem nestled 100km southwest of Alice Springs. Climbing to the rim of the Canyon offers a view of the ‘Lost City’, weathered rock formations resembling ancient ruins, and the ‘Garden of Eden’, a valley with permanent waterholes and ancient cycad palms.

  • Prepare to be amazed by Kata Tjuta, a natural wonder made up of an incredible 36 majestic domes known as the Olgas. The grandest dome of them all soars to a majestic height of 546m, towering over Uluru (Ayers Rock) by a whopping 200m! Embark on an adventure with our day tours to Kata Tjuta, where you can wander into the mystical Valley of the Winds or explore the breathtaking Walpa Gorge.
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Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) 

Behold the mystical wonderland of Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas, where 36 majestic domes rise up to the sky. Imagine standing at the base of the tallest dome in the world, reaching a staggering height of 546m – that’s a whopping 200m higher than Uluru (Ayers Rock)! Explore the wonders of Kata Tjuta with our day tours, where you’ll be enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of the Valley of the Winds or Walpa Gorge.

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  • Alice Springs/Mparntwe offers a range of activities and attractions for visitors, including visits to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air, exploring local Aboriginal art in the town center, experiencing indigenous culture at the Alice Springs Desert Park, and enjoying panoramic views of the town and MacDonnell Ranges from Anzac Hill.

 Alice Springs 

Alice Springs/Mparntwe offers numerous attractions such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air, local Aboriginal art displays in the town center, indigenous cultural experiences at the Alice Springs Desert Park, and scenic views from Anzac Hill of the town and surrounding MacDonnell Ranges.

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  • Kakadu National Park is known for its diverse landscapes, including flood plains, lagoons, and the Arnhem Land escarpment.
  • Katherine Gorge: A stunning river canyon with towering, brilliantly coloured walls
  • Litchfield National Park is famous for its sandstone plateau, woodlands, forests, and year-round waterfalls.
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock) is a culturally significant sandstone monolith, offering rich Aboriginal history.
  • Kata Tjuta (The Olgas): home to 36 majestic domes, including the Valley of the Winds and Walpa Gorge.
  • Cultural Tours: Engage in cultural experiences with the Indigenous peoples, such as the Tiwi Islands tour.
  • Sunset Dinners: Enjoy exclusive BBQ dinners and sunset views, like the evening dining experience in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.
  • Wildlife Cruises: Take a Yellow Water Cruise in Kakadu National Park to observe diverse birdlife.
  • Historical Tours: Visit places like the Darwin Military Museum to learn about Australia’s defence history.

Absolutely! With its warm climate, the Northern Territory is perfect for hiking, wildlife watching, and exploring national parks.

Yes, the tours offer many opportunities to learn about the First Nations peoples’ rich history and culture, including ancient rock art and traditional stories.
Yes, guided tours are available at most major attractions, providing insightful information and ensuring a comfortable experience in the Australian outback.
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