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Sydney, the largest city in Australia, is a popular destination for international visitors due to its natural beauty, sunny weather, and vibrant nightlife. The city’s natural harbor and stunningly beautiful beaches leave a lasting impression on travelers. Sydney has many attractions, such as Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House. Take a Sydney City Tour to see east coast beaches and historic perfect destination sites. Learn about the Gadigal people and the city’s colonial past. Or simply enjoy a drink and the Sydney Harbour magnificent views. There are several popular destinations outside of the city, such as the Blue Mountains, that offer opportunities to explore scenic forests and cliffs, taste local wines, and enjoy regional cuisine on a Sydney Tour.  A visit to the Blue Mountains in Sydney is a must-do for any traveler looking to experience some of the most beautiful and charming scenery Australia has to offer. From delightful cafe lunches, stunning waterfalls, and breathtaking views, Blue Mountains Tours are an exciting way to explore the area. The National Park offers visitors a chance to admire nature at its finest with miles of hiking trails, spectacular wildlife, and stunning views of the Blue Mountains. With so much to explore, it’s no surprise that the Blue Mountains are one of Sydney’s most popular day trips.

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Experience in Sydney

The Blue Mountains, located near Sydney, provide a peaceful retreat from the city. Experience the awe-inspiring Three Sisters rock formations, enchanting waterfalls, and winding hiking trails through the lush eucalypt forests, making this area a true nature lover’s paradise.

Sydney tours can also take you to the Hunter Valley, a wine region known for its stunning landscapes and award-winning wines. Here guests can enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere while tasting some of the finest local wines. Visit small family-run wineries, learn about winemaking, and explore the rolling hills. Take a sunset tour for incredible views of the vineyards or book a gourmet lunch tour for delicious food pairings. With Sydney Tours, you can experience the best of the Hunter Valley and have an unforgettable time.

 Our 1 Day Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour offers a comprehensive day trip to the Blue Mountains, featuring a stop at Scenic World to admire the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley from the Skyway. Additionally, visitors can enjoy Australian wildlife at Featherdale Wildlife Park before returning to Sydney on a boat cruise to arrive in Sydney Harbour.

Visitors interested in wine can take a day trip from Sydney to the Hunter Valley, where they can sample some of Australia’s top wines. These tours typically include visits to three or four local wineries, where guests can try popular varieties like semillions, chardonnays, and cabernet sauvignons. In addition to tastings, visitors can enjoy a winery lunch and explore the area’s rural town

Discover additional sightseeing tours in Sydney

Consider joining our Sydney tour for your next adventure, as it offers a scenic route between Australia’s main cities and includes a stop in Melbourne.

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Sydney Trips

  • Experience the beauty of the Blue Mountains and meet Australia’s wildlife on the Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour, which includes Scenic World tickets. This one-day small group tour is available now and is a popular choice for sightseeing and family-friendly activities. Prices start at $165.

Experience Australia’s unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery with Scenic World tickets, including the opportunity to see adorable native animals and the stunning Blue Mountains. The perfect introduction to the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains National Park is a tour of its lush forests and stunning cliffs.

Available Now

From $ 165

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  • Experience the Hunter Valley Tour Wine & Foodie Experience, which includes visiting cellar door tastings, sampling local cuisine, and gaining knowledge about the wines of this renowned region. This one-day premium tour, offered as a small group option, is available now starting at $225.

 Explore the region’s cellar door options, sample the local cuisine, and gain knowledge about the area’s wines. On Hunter Valley Tours, you can experience some of the finest wines from the Valley Wine region and have a fantastic experience!

 From $ 225

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  • Embark on a thrilling adventure with our guided bushwalk tour, where you’ll discover the magnificent forests and rock formations of the breathtaking Blue Mountains. It is suitable for sightseeing, is kid-friendly, and is a popular option for hiking/bushwalking on a budget. The tour is available for one day and is offered as a small group experience starting at $95.

Experience the adventure of a lifetime as you journey through the magical forests and breathtaking rock formations of the Blue Mountains on a thrilling guided bushwalk!

Millions of visitors flock to the Blue Mountains each year to take in the majestic scenery and experience its stunning nature on a memorable Blue Mountains Trip.

From $ 95

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  • Experience a one-day tour in Port Stephens, including dolphin watching and sandboarding. This adventure-packed tour lasts for one day and includes beach exploration, wildlife encounters, and swimming opportunities. It is a small group tour and includes a boat/cruise ride. The tour is available now and starts at $175.

Embark on an epic adventure with our one-day tour, where you can scout for friendly dolphins and conquer the sand dunes with some thrilling sandboarding action!

From $ 175

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  • Experience a personalized tour with your group in Hunter Valley. This private tour offers the best in food and wine and is available for booking now.

Embark on the ultimate adventure in the Hunter Valley! Let us design a tailor-made tour just for you and your tribe to make unforgettable memories together. You will also have the opportunity to indulge in culinary delights, explore unique attractions, and even embark on a Hunter Valley Wine Tour.

From $ 122

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  • Experience the beauty of the Blue Mountains during a one-day small group tour, which includes sightseeing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Witness the stunning sunset as it casts a warm glow over the mountains. This tour is a bestseller and is available now for $159.

Observe the setting sun casting a luminous hue over the Blue Mountains.

From $ 159


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  • Experience the exquisite flavors of Australia’s oldest wine-making region, Hunter Valley, with our tour that takes you on a delicious adventure complete with a scrumptious cafe lunch!
  • It is a popular food and wine tour that lasts one day and is available for booking as a small group tour starting at $189.

Explore Australia’s oldest wine-making region and enjoy a cafe lunch while experiencing the local flavors.

From $ 189


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  • Escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and embark on an unforgettable Thredbo Snow Tour! Immerse yourself in the charming ski village and bask in the beauty of one of Australia’s favorite Alpine destinations. This adventure sightseeing tour is a best seller, available for one day on a large coach. The tour is scheduled for winter 2023 and costs $135.

Experience the thrill of hitting the slopes and uncovering the charm of Australia’s Alpine villages!

Available Winter 2023

From $ 135

  • This tour offers rainforest walks, wildlife encounters, scenic views, incredible animals and cave exploration in the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves area. The tour lasts for 2 days and is a small group tour. It is currently unavailable.

Embark on an Intrepid Travel adventure of a lifetime with our tour that encompasses breathtaking rainforest walks, unforgettable wildlife encounters, awe-inspiring views, and thrilling cave exploration!

  • Explore Sydney’s top attractions with our comprehensive tour package, including a visit to the Blue Mountains, a Sydney Harbour Cruise, and admission to the Sydney Tower Eye. This tour is suitable for families, budget-conscious travelers, and those interested in city and wildlife sightseeing. The tour is a two-day small group experience that includes a boat/cruise attraction. Currently, the tour is unavailable.

Discover the ultimate Sydney adventure with a jam-packed itinerary including the breathtaking Blue Mountains, a scenic Sydney Harbour cruise, and a bird’s eye view from the iconic Sydney Tower Eye. Exploring the city limits to find the region’s finest hidden nooks is a must-do on any Sydney tour.

  • Discover the ultimate adventure with our unforgettable one-day tour of the breathtaking Blue Mountains and mystical Jenolan Caves departing from Sydney! Experience the wonder of the guided cave tour and catch a glimpse of the local wildlife. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey! The tour is currently unavailable.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure from Sydney to the enchanting Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves! Join us for a day of exploration, including a thrilling guided cave expedition that will leave you in awe.

  • This 2-day tour from Melbourne to Sydney includes an overnight stay in Canberra and offers sightseeing opportunities, budget-friendly options, and exposure to history, culture, art, and museums. The tour is available in both small group and large coach options but is currently unavailable. Prices vary.

Consider staying overnight in Canberra, the capital of Australia, while traveling through beautiful landscapes on your way to Sydney.

This 2-day tour takes you from Sydney to Melbourne, with a stop in Australia’s capital city of Canberra. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to see various sights, visit museums, and explore the countryside. The tour is available in both small group and large coach options, although it is currently unavailable. The duration of the tour is 2 days, and it is categorized as a sightseeing and budget-friendly option.

Embark on an epic journey from the tranquil countryside to the vibrant city of Melbourne, and don’t miss the chance to discover the captivating capital of Australia, of kakadu

  • This 15-day tour from Perth to Sydney includes stops at beaches, encounters with wildlife, and sandboarding. The tour type is small group and the duration is 15 days. It is currently unavailable with no price listed.

Embark on an epic 15-day adventure filled with beachy vibes, up close and personal wildlife encounters, and the thrill of sandboarding before finally reaching the iconic city of Sydney.

  • This tour takes travelers on a 14-day journey between Sydney and Perth, showcasing the natural and cultural attractions along the southern coast. The tour includes activities such as hiking, visiting beaches, and encountering wildlife. The tour is currently unavailable.

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime and explore the breathtaking natural and cultural wonders nestled along the stunning southern coast, connecting two of Australia’s major cities.

  • Embark on a thrilling 12-day adventure from Sydney to Darwin, where you’ll explore the vibrant cities of Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide, before venturing into the breathtaking Australian Outback. Activities include hiking, beach visits, wildlife watching, and exploring history and culture. The tour is currently unavailable and falls under the small group tour category with a duration of 14 days. Pricing information is not provided.
  • Embark on a thrilling 12-day adventure spanning from the bustling cities of Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide all the way to the breathtaking Australian Outback. Don’t miss out on this epic journey to Darwin!
  • This tour takes travelers from Sydney to Adelaide, with stops in Canberra and Melbourne, as well as opportunities to see wildlife and landscapes. The tour lasts for four days and is a small-group experience. It is currently unavailable.

 Travel from Canberra to Adelaide, while stopping in Melbourne and observing the stunning scenery and wildlife along the way.

  • Discover the secrets of Sydney’s birthplace and soak in the sun-kissed beauty of Bondi Beach on this unforgettable half-day tour! It lasts for four hours and is conducted on a large coach. Currently, the tour is unavailable.

Explore the history of this multifaceted city, observe the top attractions, and witness the surfers at Bondi.

  • Experience a tour of Sydney’s most renowned landmarks by land and sea, including a harbor cruise. This tour is suitable for families and includes opportunities to learn about the city’s history and culture. The duration of the tour is five hours and transportation is provided by a large coach and boat. Currently, this tour is unavailable. The price is not specified.

 Explore the notable landmarks of Sydney on both land and sea.

  • Explore the city of Sydney and its surrounding areas, including its lively culture and scenic beaches, on a comprehensive tour. This tour is suitable for families and involves sightseeing via a large coach. The duration is one day, and availability may vary. The price is not specified.

This tour provides a comprehensive introduction to Sydney, including its culture and beaches.

  • This 5-day tour, which is currently unavailable, takes you from Adelaide to Sydney and includes sightseeing, hiking, beach activities, wildlife encounters, and visits to historical and cultural sites along the Grampians, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, and Canberra. The tour is available as either a small group or a large coach experience.

Embark on an epic 4-day adventure and discover the wonders of the Grampians, the stunning Great Ocean Road, the vibrant city of Melbourne, and even the capital city of Canberra!

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Tours will take place regardless of weather conditions. Please dress accordingly on the day of your travel.

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Children are welcome to join our Sydney tours. However, there may be reduced prices and minimum age requirements. To find out more information, please refer to the tour page for each specific tour.

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Lunch is not usually included on our Sydney tours. Indulge in your culinary cravings on our full-day tours – grab your own grub! Feel free to pack your own grub, but just a heads up, our bus doesn’t come equipped with a fridge. Don’t let hunger ruin your tour! Find out if lunch is on the house by checking out the What’s Included tab on the tour page.

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Yes, our tours proceed regardless of weather conditions. We recommend dressing appropriately for the day’s weather to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Children are welcome on our Sydney tours. Some tours offer reduced prices for children, and there may be minimum age requirements for certain activities. Please check the specific tour page for detailed information on age restrictions and pricing for children.

Lunch is typically not included in our tours. We encourage guests to bring their own food, as our buses are not equipped with refrigeration facilities. For full-day tours, there are opportunities to purchase your own meals. Please refer to the ‘What’s Included’ section on each tour page for specific details.
In the Blue Mountains, you can enjoy scenic views, hiking trails, wildlife encounters, and visits to famous landmarks like the Three Sisters. Hunter Valley tours focus on exploring local wineries, wine tasting sessions, and learning about winemaking processes. Both tours offer unique experiences in breathtaking natural settings.
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